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Stroke: Better Understanding, Better Care


A recording of the NeuroCup Information Evening, held on Monday October 25th, is found below. For any unanswered questions, or additional information, feel free to contact us at: 

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Sponsored by:

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NeuroCup is an online neuroscience-focused case competition designed by Youth Neuro Australia and sponsored by the Brain Foundation. Targeted predominantly at undergraduate students at universities across Australia, NeuroCup aims to foster creativity, problem solving and effective science communication. This competition will involve a maximum of 15 teams, consisting of 3-5 individuals each, designing and presenting a research proposal that fits within the 2021 NeuroCup theme of Stroke: Better Understanding, Better Care. We have a total prize pool of $1500 generously donated by the Brain Foundation. This competition also provides a unique opportunity to experience the world of academia where competition for research funding is ubiquitous.


Click to download the NeuroCup Guidelines to view more detailed information about the case competition, including eligibility criteria, registration details, team requirements, marking protocols, prizes and terms and conditions. YNA will also be hosting an information session on Monday October 25th at 6-6.30pm (AEDT) on this webpage.


If you wish to participate in NeuroCup, please complete the registration form on our website.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the YNA team at


Design a research proposal for a pre-clinical or clinical study aimed at reducing the morbidity of stroke in Australia. We welcome diverse proposals across a range of areas, such as improving stroke prevention, bettering our understanding of disease pathophysiology to enhance treatment options, improving quality of life for stroke sufferers and beyond. Submissions will be evaluated primarily on their innovativeness, impact, and the feasibility and quality of the proposal.


A prize will be awarded to the top three ranking teams, based on marks for a written research proposal and verbal presentation. NOTE: these amounts are awarded per team.

  1. AUD $750 for first place

  2. AUD $500 for second place 

  3. AUD $250 for third place


The winners will be announced live once the presentations are completed and marks are tallied on Sunday November 14th. 


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Note: all times listed are AEDT.


Current Australian university students from the following categories are eligible to register for NeuroCup:

  • Undergraduate students

  • Honours students

  • Medical students 


Unfortunately, this does NOT include:

  • Students who are undertaking or have completed any other postgraduate degree, including Masters or PhD 

  • High school students 

  • Individuals who are not enrolled in a tertiary institution


NeuroCup will be undertaken in teams of 3-5 individuals. You are welcome to register either as a pre-formed team of 3-5 or as an individual or a pair. Individuals and pairs will be randomly allocated to form a new team or added to an existing team. Each person registering for NeuroCup is required to pay a $4 fee.

Multi-disciplinary teams are encouraged to help formulate unique research proposals. We recommend that at least one team member have a science or medical background due to the nature of the competition requiring the formation of a research proposal, but this is not a requirement.


When completing the registration form, ensure the following information is included for EACH team member or individual: 

  • Full name

  • Contact number and email

  • Tertiary institution, degree and year of study

Registration will close at 11.59pm AEDT on October 29th, and the competition will commence at 9am AEDT on October 30th.


Teams will be required to complete and submit the following: 

  1. A summary of the chosen research topic by 11:59pm AEDT on Tuesday November 2nd,

  2. A written research proposal (maximum of 1200 words) by 11.59pm AEDT on Saturday November 6th,

  3. A verbal presentation (5 minutes in length, with an additional 3 minutes of question time) to be marked by a panel of two professionals from 4-7pm AEDT on Sunday November 14th.


Note that any late submissions will be penalised (15% of the total mark will be deducted per day).


Please read our complete competition guidelines and Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) before registering for NeuroCup:

Click to download a copy of our competition guidelines and T&Cs:

The Task
Key Dates
Guidelines and T&Cs
NeuroCup 2021 Blank Cover.png
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