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Established in 2018, Youth Neuro Australia (YNA) is a not-for-profit organisation aspiring to bridge gaps in STEM education and strengthen the community of young, scientifically-minded leaders. Completely volunteer-led, YNA seeks to provide workshops, mentorship, online resources, and nation-wide education programs tailored to high school students, while also developing other upskilling workshops, networking events, and volunteer opportunities for those in university.

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Our Vision: To potentiate the minds of young Australians and inspire them to innovate in neuroscience and beyond.

All our programs aim to be flexible and impactful as we believe in sustainability, practicality, and accessibility -- values that we ensure to maintain in everything we offer as a growing, national organisation.


YNA primarily operates from Sydney, NSW. We are a registered charity, with all our funds devoted to developing our programs, resources, and maintaining the organisation. Currently, we are supported by the NSW Department of Education and various Australian professors, researchers, and institutes.

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