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A Re-Introduction to Science (4 workshops)

Our flagship program tackles the biggest myth in science - "this stuff will never be useful!" We paint science in a new light to show students its relevance in the information age we live in. We’re here to prove that science doesn’t end at that Friday afternoon period they desperately want over – science is a lifestyle

This program consists of 3-4 workshops delivered at schools by our trained facilitators. Each workshop centres on a specific theme to examine creativity, critical thinking, and communication in science. Our workshops are supplemented by online resources and mentoring to support students to develop and apply these skills without pressure.

Workshop 1: By Hook or By Crook

This workshop bridges the disconnect between science as a subject and what students encounter daily, guiding them to tackle misinformation and differentiate between science and pseudoscience in the digital age. We demonstrate scepticism is a critical thinking tool and showcase creativity as a universal skill. Students will also be introduced to careers in STEMM.

Workshop 2: The Method of Madness

We instil a robust and systematic approach for evaluating sources, critical thinking, and navigating information on the internet. This workshop also shows students how to devise a sound research question, formulate a hypothesis and explore the scientific method. In addition, we discuss characteristics of good experimental design (e.g. biases and blinding).

Workshop 3: The Potential of Neuroscience

In Workshop 3, we engage with neuroscience, artificial intelligence, psychology and ethics and get students to consider the cost of scientific innovation and discovery. We investigate interdisciplinary aspects of STEMM and use hands-on activities to explore the power of technology in society. Students also analyse and comprehend the importance and limitations of models in STEMM.

Workshop 4: Hot off the Petri Dish

Our final workshop explores the intersections between science and the world (advertising, media, and politics) to provide a more holistic understanding of its place in society. We highlight the importance of developing communication skills that engage a variety of audiences. Workshop 4 stimulates nuanced discussions that develop students into effective listeners and communicators.

A Foray into Neuroscience (1 workshop)

Neuroscience is an oft-forgotten discipline in high school science curricula, and our one-off 90-minute workshop provides a gentle introduction that leverages the potential of neuroscience in higher-order thinking and multidisciplinary learning within STEMM. 


Students engage with fundamental ideas in neuroscience through a series of hands-on activities that incorporate technologies such as electroencephalography and artificial intelligence. In the second half, they are challenged to apply this knowledge to tackle a real-world problem, contextualising the role of science in society. A focus on ethics engrained throughout the workshop urges students to simultaneously reflect on the consequences of scientific progress.

"It was highly interesting and a fun example of what science can accomplish. I wish it went on for longer!"

Jasmine, Year 9 student

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