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YNA is now offering an opportunity for young writers to share their passion for Neuroscience and STEM. In the past, we have explored topics with a neuroscience focus on mental health, memory, and sleep in the real world.


Through blog writing, we aim to help students communicate their knowledge and experience in Neuroscience and STEMM using secondary research of seminal and contemporary topics. Guided by our blog editors, blog writing will also allow students to develop their writing skills with continued feedback through the writing process. If you have a topic you are interested in, or would like to contribute your work to our blog page, consider applying below!


To apply, submit a blog proposal with a brief description of your idea and planned article structure in the following link. Please keep in mind that your topic of interest may be Neuroscience/STEMM related. Once your topic has been approved, you will be guided by our blog editors to start the writing process. This will involve an initial video meeting to discuss your topic idea, followed by a drafting and editing process with our talented team.


Tell us about your idea! 

Applications are open all year. 


Need help brainstorming an idea? Contact us here:

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