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In 2023 YNA established four missions to direct our focus on creating a platform for all students interested in neuroscience. Read more about each of our missions below:


Nurture curiosity in neuroscience

As an incredibly diverse and interdisciplinary field, neuroscience has so much to offer to a wide range of audiences. YNA aims to nurture people’s curiosity in neuroscience by making engaging information widely available. We want to share a wealth of information accessible to both those new in the field and those who already have a strong understanding of neuroscience. 


Create and promote jobs and opportunities in neuroscience

The best way to learn about neuroscience is to get involved. YNA is working to be a key hub of up-to-date information regarding opportunities in neuroscience and STEMM for high school and undergraduate students. 

Not only does this mean passing on information regarding external internships and other learning opportunities, YNA is always looking for members to join our team as well. If you have a topic you are passionate about, apply to write an article for our blog! Interested in greater networking and project management opportunities? Apply to join one of our teams!

Give students the skills to work in neuroscience

The ability to work in any science field requires more than just knowledge, but skills can be difficult to develop and put into practice. YNA provides different resources (such as workshops, information sessions, online infographics) which can help students develop skills applicable to science and beyond. 

Be a nationwide hub for students interested in neuroscience

Currently based in New South Wales, YNA is actively looking to expand to new states 

and cities to reach a broader audience and spread our work further. By building a national community we hope to bring greater awareness of our work but also expand our possibilities to provide more opportunities for students across Australia.

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