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Emilia Metlenko


Curious about understanding people, their behaviour and their brains keeps Emilia being inquisitive about neurodiversity of other peoples brains. As a student majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience at UNSW, her predilection for learning about anything neuro related is centred by the underpinning notion of being better equipped for helping others. Her work with YNA as Events Coordinator and now Director fuels her aspiration to continue promoting accessibility to science in the area of Neuroscience.

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Juulke Castelijn

Deputy Director

Inspired by the brain early on, Juulke has pursued a scientific career through studying neuroscience at the University of Melbourne. After finishing her Honours degree in 2022 she will be working for Phrenix Therapeutics which aims to develop new medications for mental health disorders. As deputy director Juulke is keen to continue promoting her other passions of education and science communication


Onur Tanglay


Onur is a medical student with a passion for improving accessibility to opportunities in STEM by redefining traditional education. Fuelled by a copious amount of caffeine, he dedicates the rest of his time to researching neurodegenerative disease and connectomics, and when not hopelessly tackling to-do lists, enjoys photography, film, travel, reading and baking.


Jade Pham


Jade is a medical student, researcher, and hobbyist photographer, but she prides herself most on her innovation and drive for change.. If you don’t find her engaging in muay thai, grappling, running, bouldering, archery, or any other bizarre sport, Jade is writing by the harbour, watching a film, or studying a language.

Undergraduate Team

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Raisa Biswas

Resources Coordinator

Raisa is a 4th year medical student at UNSW, currently doing her Honours project on examining disparities in acute stroke care worldwide. Fascinated by the complexity of the brain and drawn to the innovative capacity that lies within neural / STEM research, she looks forward to empowering students in the exciting field and opportunities that lie ahead for them!

Resources Officers

Rebecca Gough

Yasmin Hasan

Jacqueline Pan

Muneeza Ayub



Helen Shen

Events Coordinator

Helen is in her 4th year at UNSW, studying medicine and currently completing an honours research project on stroke treatment outcomes. Having always had a keen interest in the inner workings of the brain, and neurological conditions, she chose to join YNA with hopes of inspiring the next generation of STEM and neuroscience researchers by coordinating both fun and informative events!

Events Officers

Zoe Drew

Maysa Maarbani



Emily Chung

Blog Coordinator

Emily is a 3rd year psychology student at UNSW and enjoys studying about mental health, emotion and learning. Her role at YNA as the blog coordinator for 2023 provides an opportunity to conduct research and understand these concepts at a deeper level. She aims to encourage a greater curiosity for the brain in young people through writing and by exploring new topics in her time at YNA.

Blog Writers

Chloe Dunne

Scinapse Team



Ethan Hamilton

Outreach Coordinator

Ethan is a 3rd year science student at USYD studying chemistry and public health. These disciplines provide two different lenses with which to approach neuroscience, from fundamental chemical reactions to  the population-wide patterns of health and disease they can cause. Always passionate about furthering STEM education Ethan is the outreach coordinator, growing the YNA network to bring YNA members engaging events and opportunities. 

Outreach Officers

Louis Lim

Danielle McCalmont

Madison Pounder



Cynthia Son

Marketing Coordinator

Cynthia is serving as our Marketing Department Coordinator in 2023! She brings a passion for neuroscience, particularly in cognition, emotion and behaviour, and is excited to help spread science interest and accessibility through her work at YNA. She has just completed her Honours Degree in Applied Medical Science at the University of Sydney and will continue her research in clinical neuropsychiatry.

Marketing Officers

Joseph Theophanious Nashed

Sophia Dang



Leyla Barry

Human Resources Coordinator

Leyla is currently Coordinator for the HR team for 2023 alongside being Deputy Director of Scinapse. She is studying Neuroscience and Anthropology at UNSW, and excited to use those skills and passions in Neuroscience to aid in the facilitation of scinapse workshops. Alongside using understandings in anthropology  to help YNA members work brilliantly together.

Human Resources Officers

Suwetha Radhakrishnan


Onur Tanglay

Scinapse Coordinator

Scinapse Officers

Leyla Barry
Layla Kirkland
Kaanchana Sekaran
Myuree Sivanesan
Annika Newland
Abhishek Jalpota

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