Board of Directors


Gorden Zhuang


Gorden is a second year actuarial studies/advanced mathematics student at UNSW. As a person who’s voluntarily spent much of his life in lockdown, he enjoys breaking down challenging maths problems and admiring LOONA’s unfathomable talent.


Marie Joseph

Executive Assistant

Maris is a second year Medical Science student at UNSW. She has an obsession with stationery, and in her spare time, she likes to experiment with lettering and calligraphy styles!


Henry Chen

Legal Officer

Henry Chen is a fourth year International Studies/Law student at UNSW. He is fascinated by everything to do with the media, taking a particular interest in science communication.


Amishi Handoo

Strategy & Management Director

Amishi is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at Sydney Uni and her hobbies include yoga and netball. Recently, she has been getting back into reading and baking!


Jade Pham


Jade is a medical student, researcher, and hobbyist photographer, but she prides herself most on her innovation and drive for change. Inspired by growing conversation, YNA was developed as a ‘passion project’, while also being an excuse to be openly nerdy about all things neuroscience. If you don’t find her engaging in muay thai, grappling, running, bouldering, archery, or any other bizarre sport, Jade is writing by the harbour, watching a film, or studying a language (it goes without saying that in more trying times, she probably bakes an unnecessary amount of bread).


Onur Tanglay


Onur is a medicine student with a passion for improving accessibility to opportunities in STEM by redefining traditional education. Fuelled by a copious amount of caffeine, he dedicates the rest of his time to research into neurodegenerative disease and spinal cord injury, and if he finds time away from hopelessly tackling to-do lists, enjoys photography, film, travel, reading and baking.


Salina Ai

Deputy Director

Salina is currently a second year medicine student at UNSW. A long-standing interest in programming, computer innovation, and artificial intelligence in particular, led her to apply for YNA. She enjoys the enriching experiences and vibrant community at YNA. She likes to play video games, travel overseas with friends and fantasise over sleeping at a normal time while binge watching Netflix shows.

Divyansh Sharma

Deputy Director

Divyansh has been with YNA for some time, having served as Charities and Fundraising Officer and then NSW Events Coordinator in the past. He initially joined YNA because

of his long-standing interest in neuroscience, accentuated by studying a related module in the course of his Medicine degree at university.


Laurel Lu


Laurel is in her second year studying data science at UNSW and is really interested in using data and analytics for healthcare. If Laurel has any spare time, she will go on long aimless walks and eat nonstop.

NSW Events Team

Stephanie Moon

brainSTEMM Co-ordinator

Stephanie Moon is a medical student at the University of Sydney with a background in neuroscience and psychology. In her down time, she likes to settle down for either a crime thriller or kids’ animation movie with a coffee/beer/wine in one hand and her pug in the other.


Yamema Esber

Events Co-ordinator

Yamema is a third year medical student at UNSW, and is passionate about healthcare equity, refugee and asylum seeker health and global politics. She loves being outdoors and eating virtually anything (though icecream holds a special place in her heart). She also enjoys reading, in particular historical fiction!

Event Officers

Victor Bian

Leyla Barry

Rainbow Wu

NSW Publicity Team

Bonnie Zhu

Publicity Co-ordinator

Bonnie is currently undertaking her third year of study in the Joint Medical Program at the University of Newcastle. She thoroughly enjoys challenging herself and is eager to learn about health and science. In her spare time, Bonnie likes to dabble in some art, exercise and loves to sip on a cup of delicious tea.

Social Media Officers

Michele Fu 

David Hoang

Victor Ly

Sabin Shrestha 

Alina Thomas 

Creative Designers

Sarah Chong

Sabrina Fu

Kumail Khan

Caroline Newman

Content Editors

Anusha Pillai

Jenny He

James Le

NSW Resources Team


Rohit Parthasarathy

Resources Co-ordinator

Rohit is in his third year of Medicine at UNSW. He spent most of his childhood staring at the sky before later realising his love for (almost) all things medicine. He enjoys spending his time watching movies, playing cricket, and racking up an alarming number of hours on Spotify.

Resource Officers

Elliott Boston

Sonia Mathews

Jagath Narayan

Joshua Pham

Lachlan Qin

Luisa Saavedra

Jenny Wei

Strategy & Development Team

Jake Kim

Outreach & Sponsorship Coordinator

Jake is currently studying his 3rd year of Medicine at UNSW and although his wall is plastered with pictures of brain slices, they are now purely for aesthetics. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the drums and getting roasted by people in the band because he is"not quite their tempo".

Amishi Handoo

Strategy & Management Director

Strategy Officers

Harikesh Pushpapathan

Maurice Tran

Sunny Wu

Alex Yu

Zhao Zheng

External Members

Joshua Pham

YNA UNSW President

Josh is currently in his second year of UNSW Psychology. He likes food, water and long walks at the beach."

General Event Volunteers

Risini Gamage

Winston Gao

Jasmine Goh

Claire Jeon

Sophia Jia

Yoonji Kim

Jessica Li

Jennifer Rim

Sheetal Sharma