Team Directors


Rohit Parthasarathy

Undergraduate Director

Rohit is in his fourth year of Medicine at UNSW. He spent most of his childhood staring at the sky before later realising his love for (almost) all things medicine. 


Stephanie Moon

High School Director

Stephanie is a medical student at the University of Sydney with a background in neuroscience and psychology. In her down time, she likes to settle down for either a crime thriller or kids’ animation movie with a coffee/beer/wine in one hand and her pug in the other.


Jade Pham


Jade is a medical student, researcher, and hobbyist photographer, but she prides herself most on her innovation and drive for change. Inspired by growing conversation, YNA was developed as a ‘passion project’, while also being an excuse to be openly nerdy about all things neuroscience. If you don’t find her engaging in muay thai, grappling, running, bouldering, archery, or any other bizarre sport, Jade is writing by the harbour, watching a film, or studying a language.


Onur Tanglay


Onur is a medicine student with a passion for improving accessibility to opportunities in STEM by redefining traditional education. Fuelled by a copious amount of caffeine, he dedicates the rest of his time to research into neurodegenerative disease and connectomics, and if he finds time away from hopelessly tackling to-do lists, enjoys photography, film, travel, reading and baking.

Human Resources

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Amber Sawyer

Human Resources Officer

Amber is a third year Medical Science student majoring in Neurobiology at UNSW. If she is not studying, you can probably find her walking her pug, baking, reading crime thrillers or drinking too much tea!


Victor Soong

Human Resources Officer

Victor is a fourth year MBBS student at UTas, with a particular interest in Paediatrics and Emergency Medicine. In his spare time, he enjoys skateboarding and is always on the hunt for new albums to listen to!

Undergraduate Team

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Sheena Mali

Resources Coordinator

Sheena is a third year student at USYD studying Nanotechnology with majors in chemistry and applied medical science. She enjoys learning new languages, taking long contemplative walks around her neighbourhood and spending time with her plants (she's particularly proud of her Woolies discovery garden)!

Resources Officers

Lachlan Qin

Jack Zhang

Sonia Mathews

Jagath Narayan

Alex Gao


Yamema Esber

Events Coordinator

Yamema is a fourth year medical student at UNSW, and is passionate about refugee and asylum seeker health and reading, particularly historical fiction. She loves being outdoors and eating virtually anything (though icecream holds a special place in her heart)!

Event Officers

Victor Bian

Leyla Barry

Rainbow Wu


Maye Zheng

Marketing Coordinator

Maye is currently a fourth year medical student at UNSW with an interest in paediatrics. She’s a massive foodie but when she’s not eating her body weight in dessert, she loves playing the piano, going for afternoon runs at sunset, and playing badminton.

Marketing Officers

Lily Shafiani

Denise Lin

Nathan Ung

High School Team

Outreach and Logistics

Emily Wu

Leyla Barry

Shruthi Annamalai


Research and Development

Anusha Pillai

Layla Kirkland


Bonnie Zhu

Carol Newman

Sabrina Fu

Sarah Chong

Blog Team

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Jenny Wei

Blog Editor

Jenny is a fourth year medical student at UNSW. She is fascinated by the social and personal impacts of healthcare, with an interest in neurological conditions, public health, and health literacy. In her spare time, she enjoys art, music and plotting future cat adoption!


Nikki Huang

Blog Editor

Nikki is in her second year of Psychology and Neuroscience at UNSW. She is particularly interested in research on emotions and learning, in order to develop strategies to increase wellbeing. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, ballet and playing the piano.

Blog Writers

Nikola Vekic

Kirra Terranova

Chloe Dunne

Emiliana Tonini

Jing Zhang

Bianca Setionago

Michael Vamiadakis

Charlie Redhead