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YNA has held a wide variety of in-person and online events - including webinars, workshops and networking opportunities - to inspire undergraduate and high school students to engage with the fields of STEM and neuroscience. We have collaborated with distinguished speakers and scientists to host various webinars, with topics ranging from predictors of dementia onset, to the role of affective control in mental health, to neural stimulation of the visual system in overcoming blindness!


Our practical workshops have provided hands-on learning experiences, including exploring neuroscience from a clinical perspective with integrated teaching about neuroanatomy, neuroimaging interpretation and neurological disease. Additionally, our annual brain research networking event - a collaboration with the Students of Brain Research - connected undergraduate students with PhD candidates interstate and showcased the variety of research pathways available in the neuroscience field.

Check out photos of our past events to see the speakers, organisations and topics we have engaged with!

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